UV LED PCB Exposure Box Build

PCB at: http://diy.rednumberone.com/uv-led-array-exposure-box-diy/

Build a UV PCB exposure box out of a cardboard box.

The LED array is fixed in the box with double sided tape.

For power supply, 15V, 2A then Using a LM317T as a constant current source with output of 1A. Assembled on a prototype board.

It’s a very easy hack to build at home and can be done for single sided PCB and for double sided also.

For double sided all you need is 2 boxes and 2 pieces of glass sheet.
Sandwich the design(artwork) with the copper clad and secure between the glass sheets.

Place one box facing up, place the glass on top of it then put the second box facing down on the glass.
Will try that when I’ll need double sided boards.

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