UV LED MOSFET driver board for custom PCB light etching

This is a a MOSFET driver board that can source 4x 1A of current to 4 separate arrays of ultraviolet LEDs. The purpose of this project is to design a UV exposure box that can develop photoreactive printed circuit boards. I didn’t have a large bench power supply that can supply 4A of current to power 200+ UV LEDs, so I designed and assembled this board to lower power consumption. It is powered by a PIC18LF14K22 microcontroller that can rapidly cycle the 4 MOSFET drivers on and off at high speeds, such that all 200+ of the UV LEDs appear on at the same time. However, the power consumption will stay less than 1A at all times during operation.

In the video you will see a bank of 4 LEDs cycling on the left of the board. Each of these are linked to one of the 4 MOSFET drivers, so when the LED is on it represents the MOSFET being turned on and sourcing high current. Having these 4 indicators on the outside of the light box is crucial because I cannot look at the UV LEDs inside the box while the system is running, due to the harmful effects of UV light.


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