UV Exposure made with ARDUINO for development of photoresist PCB

For average home user building PCB with the toner transfer method is a solution. But some time you want more quality from your PCB or sometimes your toner didn’t transfer completely so you have to correct it with a marker or to redo the hole process again. The other solution to build your PCB is with photoresit method. This project will come very handy to you when you will want to develop your PCB and the good news is that will cost you less than 20$ to build it.

After developing and testing the project on my Arduino UNO board and breadboard I finally managed to put everything in a standalone UV unit.
The main ingredients for this project are:
-arduino board +breadboard ( for testing and project transfer purpose only)
-old scanner
-3 push buttons(1-speed;2-distance;3-start/stop)
-some spare UV leds
-an lcd

All the other details of this project you can found theme here: http://www.roroid.ro/wiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ExpunereUVPentruPCBBazataPeARDUINO
The text is in Romanian language but Google translate is a very helping friend in case of need.

Also if you want to know how I transferred the program to a ATMEGA8 you have some details on this tutorial :http://www.roroid.ro/wiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ArduinoBootloaderSiTransferareaProiectelor

Enjoy your viewing.


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