The only tri-bezel-less smartphone with 2K display–Elephone S8

When talks about the display, it is useless to only emphasize the size and craft without the resolution.
A phone with a large screen needs higher resolution to provide a clearer and better visual effect–this is a general trend,
Elephone S8 is the only tri-bezel-less device with 2K large screen.
6.0″ display combines with the tri-bezel-less design, which means the screen-to-body ratio is large.
With the 2560*1440 2K display, the large screen gives you an unbelievable visual effect.
Besides, Elephone S8 equipped with a strong weapon–21MP rear camera and 8MP front camera.
We are now debugging the cameras, later the samples will be shown in a propriate time.
The three links above are the original pictures of the three screenshots in video, you can click to feel the amazing details of 2K display.
the link of the photos!XpYFRQxQ!NQCJ7WkMZVnmmZPf2e24w18wiRwTYiIV5duSO8SnxAY


29 thoughts on “The only tri-bezel-less smartphone with 2K display–Elephone S8

  1. Tony Corin says:

    If you design that Photo editor app, it would be good if you could make the draw tool easier to use, becaus there is no eraser tool or undo.

  2. Lost Places Bastler & Razor says:

    Wann sol das raus kommen bis jetzt wird ja elephone immer besser wenn noch anfänge sieht habe selber das S7 von Elephone leider ka warum display spalt jetzt da dreck drinne werde mal display raus reisen aber warum nur x20 drinnen s7 habe ich mit x25 er cpu bissel komisch könten die doch wenigstens bessern einbauen ?

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