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UV LED MOSFET driver board for custom PCB light etching

This is a a MOSFET driver board that can source 4x 1A of current to 4 separate arrays of ultraviolet LEDs. The purpose of this project is to design a UV exposure box that can develop photoreactive printed circuit boards. I didn’t have a large bench power supply that can supply 4A of current to […]

Review and teardown of UV nail polish curer and PCB developer.

This unit is a very common UV nail polish curing unit available cheaply on ebay. It uses four 9W UVA tubes like the ones found in insect traps and UV exposure units. The unit has the option of continuous or timed operation with a fixed time of two minutes. I experimentally exposed a piece of […]

Making a led UV exposure box

In this video you can see the process of creating a UV LEDs exposure box, which you can use to make your own printed circuit boards (PCBs). The full process and more info in electronics, robotics and DIY projects in general in my blog: vlxs.wordpress.com source

Insoladora LED casera (doble cara) / Homemade LED UV PCB exposure box (double sided)

En esta ocasión os muestro, a grandes rasgos, el proceso seguido en la construcción de mi insoladora, herramienta utilísima para todo buen aficionado a la electrónica. Hasta la fecha, las placas de circuito impreso las elaboraba a la antigua usanza, esto es, con rotulador especial y buen pulso. Ya tocaba modernizarse, pero, comprar una no […]