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Linux Home Automation using OpenHAB with Eli Ben-Shoshan

Slides are available at http://www.gatorlug.org/meetings/2015/09. source 4 Open Source Home Automation Alternative Tools for OpenHAB The Internet of Things is not only a buzzword, it is a swiftly expanding fact. With an ever-rising amount of devices available to make it easier to automate, secure, and monitor your own home, it has never before been simpler […]

PiStation – A Raspberry Pi Emulation Console

Instructable: http://www.instructables.com/id/PiStation-A-Raspberry-Pi-Emulation-Console/ source Raspberry Pi 3: 20 of the best projects you may try with the small computer Got a Raspberry Pi 3? Right here are 20 great projects to get yourself started The Raspberry Pi 3 is about the ideal starting points for using code. Whether you’re a first-timer with Python or a tech […]

Installing openHAB on the Raspberry PI (tutorial – part I – Getting openHAB to run)

++++++++Raspberry PI2 Kit http://amzn.to/1YuRiKM ++++++++ Here is a complete installation, of OpenHAB, from zero to hero. Sorry for taking such a long time, but I feel it’s better, as we went through most frequent problems that could arise, so you could get a better view of the whole process. Here you can get a complete […]

GPS PCB Board Plant Headquartered in China

Watch how China workers examining mobile phone chargers. This is an important process. The workers basically shake the chargers and listen to the sound. If there is any sound when shaking, it means the PCB board is not assembled tight enough and it helps detect chargers that could be faulty before they go to the […]

Industrial PCB Board Manufacturing Unit In China

Formatear android Hard Resetear teléfono móvil. Cómo/How to Format Factory, Hard Reset JIAYU (o modelo o MARCA CHINA similar). Cambiar idioma CHINO. Change CHINESE language. Cómo resetear cualquier teléfono con menú recuperación (recovery) en chino. Si tienes tu teléfono móvil JIAYU JY-F1 bloqueado, infectado con virus o va lento puedes desbloquearlo/resetearlo/formatearlo siguiendo los pasos que […]