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Sprinkler System MQTT OpenHAB ESP8266 : Software (Using MAC) 2017

In this video I will show you using MAC how to setup the software of ESP8266 MQTT OpenHAB Sprinkler System and connect it to our OpenHAB 2 MQTT Server. We will also create a rule in the rules file in openHAB 2 that will activate the sprinkler system based on the time we set and […]

How to Install OpenHAB2 Raspberry Pi Smart Home Automation

How to Install OpenHAB2 on Raspberry Pi3 http://raspberrypi4u.blogspot.com/2016/11/raspberry-pi-smarthome-openhab2.html OpenHAB Raspberry Pi Open Source IoT Smart Home Automation. Now Version is openHAB 2. ( Oct 2016 ) OpenHAB 2 is based on the Eclipse SmartHome framework and is fully written in Java. OpenHAB can install on many platforms such as Windows, Linux ,Mac OSX and embedded […]