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Nin10do tutorial: Build your own 3d printed Raspberry Pi 2 Nintendo game console (part 1)

Raspberry Pi Nintendo tutorial: build your own 3d printed game console (part 1) Building your own 3d printed custom Nin10do console or want to buy a complete model? http://www.nin10doshop.com – Custom game consoles and accessories – shipping worldwide Update: Watch part 2 now! In these tutorial video’s I will explain how to create your own […]

Raspberry Pi Emulator Setup In Less Than 5 Minutes

Raspberry Pi Emulator is a fantastic way to relive all those classic retro games that a lot of grew up with and still love. Learn to turn your PI into an emulator in less than 5 minutes. Find the full project here: http://pimylifeup.com/raspberry-pi-emulator/ The Raspberry Pi retropie package allows to play games from many different […]

Raspberry Pi 2 RetroPie Gameconsole [Nintendo64 – Playstation 1]

PlayStation 1 bios file: http://goo.gl/fruQI4 Put the scph7502.bin in /home/pi/RetroPie/BIOS Bios files for different console’s, like the Gameboy advance etc. http://goo.gl/M8B7VR My Nintendo roms come from: http://goo.gl/gqv13H My Playstations roms come from: http://goo.gl/CqmpNl Retropie website: http://goo.gl/lElxlZ source Raspberry Pi 3: 20 of the highest quality projects you could try with the micro computer Had a […]

2 Minute Maker, Retro Gaming : Raspberry Pi Zero Console Emulator in a TV

Take 2 minutes to Make with element14 as we embed a Raspberry Pi Zero into a CRT television to make the ultimate Retro gaming machine. Learn more about this project on the element14 Community: http://bit.ly/1OgKLgz Read the specifications on the Raspberry Pi Zero: http://bit.ly/1PP4c1k source Raspberry Pi 3: 20 of the best projects you can […]

Build your own Raspberry Pi-based handheld game console – Part 1

Mr. Lunduke shows you how he is building his own hand-held, portable video game console — using a Raspberry Pi and as easy to assemble parts as possible. In Part 1 we get a complete gaming system up and running… with some rough edges. To get the latest videos be sure to subscribe to this […]

openHAB Insteon Hub Binding

Small demo of the Insteon Hub Binding of openHAB – this makes it easy to access all your Insteon devices connected to an Insteon Hub through openHAB and thus combine them with devices from other protocols such as Z-Wave etc. source 4 Open House Automation Alternative Solutions for OpenHAB The Internet of Things is not […]

openHAB Intro – Open Source Home Automation with Raspberry Pi

A one-minute teaser intro to openHAB with a few example use cases. source 4 Open House Automation Alternative Systems for OpenHAB The Internet of Things isn’t necessarily a buzzword, it is a fast extending fact. With an ever-rising amount of devices open to help you automate, defend, and monitor your home, it has never before […]

Funksteckdosen fernsteuern mittels Raspberry Pi & OpenHAB

Felicitus erklärt uns in seinem Vortrag, wie er kostengünstig seine Funksteckdosen mittels Raspberry Pi & OpenHAB fernsteuerbar gemacht hat. Hier kannst du die Vorlesungsslides herunterladen: https://wiki.raumzeitlabor.de/wiki/Datei:Funksteckdosen_fernsteuern.pdf Der Vortrag fand im Rahmen der Offenen RaumZeitLaborierung statt, die es jeden Dienstag im RaumZeitLabor gibt. Help us caption & translate this video! http://amara.org/v/GT4t/ source 4 Open Source House […]

Installing openHAB on the Raspberry PI (tutorial – part I – Getting openHAB to run)

++++++++Raspberry PI2 Kit http://amzn.to/1YuRiKM ++++++++ Here is a complete installation, of OpenHAB, from zero to hero. Sorry for taking such a long time, but I feel it’s better, as we went through most frequent problems that could arise, so you could get a better view of the whole process. Here you can get a complete […]