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Clear Transparent Flexible PCB pyralux like – Building a mini U

In this video I will use a Sephir double sided flex PCB. It is like pyralux but with a thiner transparent material. So you can make via easily but you cannot bend it too hard, neither heating too much. Well you will see that working with this is pretty easy and with very little training […]

Build UV Lightbox

Do it Yourself UV Lightbox. This video will show how to make a 24inch long ultraviolet light box for curing photopolymer media. The user will need to experiment with her light box to get the exposure times right. It stands to reason that wattage of bulbs, diameter of bulbs (T-8) and proximity of the bulb […]

PCB UV-BOX Vacuum table

Nyt lopulta alkaa olla valmis minun uusi piirilevyjen valotus laatikko. Onnistuu yhdellä kertaa kaksipuoliset levyt. Erikoisuutena oma kehitelmä alipaine systeemistä jolla saa kalvon tiukasti valotettavaan levyyn kiinni. Ennen oli lasi viritelmä. Enpä ole nähnyt jotta kukaan olisi itse sellasta rakentanut. Kaupallisissa kyllä sellanen on. My exposure box, the vacuum system source

Insoladora “6u” DiY PCB exposure UV box

This is my DiY PCB exposure UV box. It´s made with an old HP scanner, two UV anti-mosquito devices and a programable timer with relay. It expose an normal PCB in about a minute, but normally i set it to 2 minutes. Esta es mi insoladora casera. Está hecha con la carcasa de un viejo […]