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Amazon Dash controlling openHab (Demo)

So I’ve received my Amazon Dash buttons today, from all the away the other side of the world, and using a quick hack (read that “script running on my router”) got them to work with my OpenHab installation. I’ll do a demo in a few days. Until then, get your Dash buttons on! source 4 […]

Installing openHAB on Debian (Raspberry PI Included)

To get with the times, I’ve created a new tutorial for installing openHAB on Debian. This being more general applies to everything running Debian, from laptops to Raspberry Pis. Have fun installing! Here are the steps: 1. Check Java / install Java java -version apt-get install default-jre 2. Add repository to apt keyring wget -qO […]

Installing openHAB on the Raspberry PI (tutorial – part II – Bindings, Sitemaps, Items and Habmin)

++++++++Raspberry PI2 Kit http://amzn.to/1YuRiKM++++++++ https://github.com/cdjackson/HABmin/releases http://www.openhab.org/getting-started/downloads.html https://github.com/openhab/openhab/wiki/TouchUI source 4 Open House Automation Substitute Systems for Open Home Automation Bus The Internet of Things is not just a buzzword, it is a extremely fast extending fact. With an ever-increasing quantity of devices available to help you automate, secure, and monitor your own home, it has no […]

Smart Home mit openHAB

Generell lässt sich konstatieren, dass die Entwicklungen im Bereich Internet der Dinge das Smart Home bereits revolutioniert haben, bevor es selbst schon eine massenhafte Verbreitung gefunden hätte. Jeden Tag kommen neue IoT-Gadgets auf den Markt, an denen wir häufig nicht vorbeigehen können. Aber die gegenwärtigen Entwicklungen sind aus Sicht der SmartHome-Integration völlig unbefriedigend: Jedes “Ding” […]