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openHAB Beacon demo 1

!!!!ACTUAL DEMO STARTS AT 5:47!!! Thanks to the wonderful people at Onyx Beacon (http://onyxbeacon.com/) which hooked me up with an Enterprise beacon. A lot more demoes and tutorials will come in the following months, and I hope to start working on the oficial openHAB app, to add beacon support. The demo project that I’ve used […]

openHAB MiLight Binding

This video shows the integration of MiLight / LimitlessLED bulbs with openHAB. source 4 Open Source House Automation Alternative Tools for OpenHAB The Internet of Things is not merely a buzzword, it is a quickly rising reality. With an ever-expanding variety of devices available to help you automate, secure, and monitor your house, it has […]

Raspberry PI 2 running OSMC and openHAB

This is an installation of OSMC alpha 4 on the raspberry pi 2, which also acts as a home automation controller with the Aeon Labs Z-Stick and OpenHAB source 4 Open Source Home Automation Alternative Solutions for Open Home Automation Bus The Internet of Things is not only just a buzzword, it’s a speedily growing […]

PebbleHAB – openHAB client for the Pebble

This is a OpenHAB client for the Pebble. It’s pretty close to release, but I still have some fine tuning to do. EDIT: you can download it from the Pebble AppStore https://apps.getpebble.com/applications/55242e699de955f58600005a It will be available in the Pebble Store pretty soon. PS: Sorry for the sound quality. source 4 Open Source Home Automation Alternate […]