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Linux Home Automation using OpenHAB with Eli Ben-Shoshan

Slides are available at http://www.gatorlug.org/meetings/2015/09. source 4 Open Source Home Automation Alternative Tools for OpenHAB The Internet of Things is not only a buzzword, it is a swiftly expanding fact. With an ever-rising amount of devices available to make it easier to automate, secure, and monitor your own home, it has never before been simpler […]

Build your own Raspberry Pi-based handheld game console – Part 1

Mr. Lunduke shows you how he is building his own hand-held, portable video game console — using a Raspberry Pi and as easy to assemble parts as possible. In Part 1 we get a complete gaming system up and running… with some rough edges. To get the latest videos be sure to subscribe to this […]