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PCB Exposure Box with UV fluorescent lamps

This is my new big (A4+) PCB exposure box made with MDF. I used fluorescent UV lamps from Sylvania type T8 BL350. Exposure time is 5 minutes from a distance of 6 cm from the lamps with excellent results. Now I can achieve minimum clearance between tracks and minimum track width down to 7mils (0.18mm). […]

UV LED PCB Exposure Box Build

PCB at: http://diy.rednumberone.com/uv-led-array-exposure-box-diy/ Build a UV PCB exposure box out of a cardboard box. The LED array is fixed in the box with double sided tape. For power supply, 15V, 2A then Using a LM317T as a constant current source with output of 1A. Assembled on a prototype board. It’s a very easy hack to […]

PCB exposure unit DIY

This video might be also helpful if you are interested working with mdf. Box is versatile so it can be used with other types projects too. Main material is 20mm MDF. See http://www.instructables.com/id/PCB-Exposure-Unit/ for more info. music : www.incompetech.com source