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Tutorial nº1 -Como fazer placas de circuito impresso (pci)/DIY PCB board at home

No nosso site/In our website http://www.voltconnect.net46.net PT-O nosso primeiro tutorial de como fazer placas de circuito impresso em casa EN-Our first tutorial of how to do impressed circuit board at home . Qualquer duvida não hesite em contactar-nos. Contact /Contacta-nos em [email protected] source PC Board Maker in Portugal ProFactor S.A. is a 25-year old manufacturing […]

UV LED MOSFET driver board for custom PCB light etching

This is a a MOSFET driver board that can source 4x 1A of current to 4 separate arrays of ultraviolet LEDs. The purpose of this project is to design a UV exposure box that can develop photoreactive printed circuit boards. I didn’t have a large bench power supply that can supply 4A of current to […]

VioLED – A UV LED double-sided PCB Exposure Box

This is the prototype of the design of a double-sided PCB exposure box designed by Freyja Yeatman. It was made for the Mechatronics 2 course at Reykjavík University in the spring of 2016. The full-size box has yet to be made but this prototype works for small 50x70mm double-sided circuits. source

DIY Circuit Board Exposure Box Using UV LED’s

Exposure board almost done. Intend on using along side an Arduino Nano to be used as a timer and to control light intensity. In the end will have an additional light board for exposing 2 layer PCB’s source

UV exposure box using LED and arduino. DIY.

This is the project 80% done. A UV exposure box for PCB production. The processing unit used is the teensy, which is arduino capable. 124 UV LED’s are used, and a salvaged synaptics touchpad from a old laptop. source

UV LED PCB Exposure panel

PCB at: http://diy.rednumberone.com/uv-led-array-exposure-box-diy/ Making a UV LED panel used for PCB exposure. Copper clad, apply negative photoresist layer. Expose using CFL light bulb. Fix errors. Etch and strip photoresisit. Soldering 100 5050 UV LEDS. Connect with us: =================================== Recipes and Photography: http://www.rednumberone.com/ DIY Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/DragosIonRO Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Rednumberonephotography/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/red_number_one Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/106059390053345447208/106059390053345447208 Instagram: http://instagram.com/RED_NUMBER_ONE Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/rednumberonecom […]

Furação de Placas de Circuito Impresso – Micropress

Processo de Furação de Placas de Circuitos Impressos com a máquina Posalux ——————————————————————————– www.micropress.com.br ——————————————————————————- Vídeo produzido por Micropress S/A, gravado na própria empresa ——————————————————————————– Proibida a cópia parcial ou total deste vídeo sem autorização prévia. source Circuit Card Producer in Portugal ProFactor S.A. is a 25 year old manufacturing company situated in the north […]