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Insoladora “6u” DiY PCB exposure UV box

This is my DiY PCB exposure UV box. It´s made with an old HP scanner, two UV anti-mosquito devices and a programable timer with relay. It expose an normal PCB in about a minute, but normally i set it to 2 minutes. Esta es mi insoladora casera. Está hecha con la carcasa de un viejo […]

DIY Circuit Board Exposure Box Using UV LED’s

Exposure board almost done. Intend on using along side an Arduino Nano to be used as a timer and to control light intensity. In the end will have an additional light board for exposing 2 layer PCB’s source

How to make a UV light box

UV boxes are getting more and more expensive for what they are; so I said sod buying one im going to make it. Here is how. Building a UV light box for exposing masks and resists for PCBs. source

DIY UV-LED PCB exposure box in a scanner

This is my home made PCB UV-LED exposure box housed in an old scanner. The countdown timer is custom made using ATtiny2313 uController. The display unit is a 4 digit 7 segment display module. The firmware was written in CodeVisionAVR C compiller and the LEDs used for this project are 5mm high brightness (2000 mcds) […]