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openHAB Beacon demo 1

!!!!ACTUAL DEMO STARTS AT 5:47!!! Thanks to the wonderful people at Onyx Beacon (http://onyxbeacon.com/) which hooked me up with an Enterprise beacon. A lot more demoes and tutorials will come in the following months, and I hope to start working on the oficial openHAB app, to add beacon support. The demo project that I’ve used […]

Amazon Dash controlling openHab (Demo)

So I’ve received my Amazon Dash buttons today, from all the away the other side of the world, and using a quick hack (read that “script running on my router”) got them to work with my OpenHab installation. I’ll do a demo in a few days. Until then, get your Dash buttons on! source 4 […]

IoT Holiday Lights – YUN meets OpenHAB and Nano

A short video explaining my IoT Holiday Lights Project during the testing phase. I have OpenHAB which sends commands to the YUN via MQTT and the YUN in turn acts as a gateway and sends control strings to an Arduino Nano source 4 Open Source Home Automation Alternative Solutions for Open Home Automation Bus The […]

Raspberry PI 2 running OSMC and openHAB

This is an installation of OSMC alpha 4 on the raspberry pi 2, which also acts as a home automation controller with the Aeon Labs Z-Stick and OpenHAB source 4 Open Source Home Automation Alternative Solutions for Open Home Automation Bus The Internet of Things is not only just a buzzword, it’s a speedily growing […]

Setting up Somfy URTSI II with OpenHAB

This is the third video in the 4 part series on integrating Somfy with OpenHAB, Smartthings and Amazon Echo. You can find the overview at https://youtu.be/Lq6GpIi5Xhg source 4 Open Home Automation Alternate Tools for Open Home Automation Bus The Internet of Things it not just a buzzword, it’s a swiftly growing fact. With an ever-expanding […]

openHAB: Home Automation in Practice – Developer Garden TechTalk #033

Bei openHAB (open Home Automation Bus) handelt es sich um ein Open Source-Projekt, das unterschiedliche Home-Automation-Systeme integriert. openHAB zielt darauf ab, systemübergreifend eine einheitliche Benutzeroberfläche, transparente Kommunikation zwischen den einzelnen Geräten sowie leistungsstarke Automatisierungsfähigkeiten bereitzustellen. openHAB basiert auf OSGi und verfügt über eine modulare Architektur, sodass es einfach erweitert bzw. angepasst werden kann. Dieser Vortrag […]

Integrate Xiaomi Miflora with OpenHAB and Node-Red

This video explains the basics of the Xiaomi Miflora soil moisture sensor and how to integrate it with OpenHAB and Node-Red. Steps for OpenHAB explained in the OpenHAB Community. This contains the python code and other setup details: https://community.openhab.org/t/xiaomi-miflora-sensor-integration/17453 Node Red script can be found here: http://flows.nodered.org/flow/b1af1d000ff5bf854afa97f025d33feb source 4 Open House Automation Substitute Tools for […]

Installing openHAB on Debian (Raspberry PI Included)

To get with the times, I’ve created a new tutorial for installing openHAB on Debian. This being more general applies to everything running Debian, from laptops to Raspberry Pis. Have fun installing! Here are the steps: 1. Check Java / install Java java -version apt-get install default-jre 2. Add repository to apt keyring wget -qO […]

Garage Door Automation via openHAB

A short video showing my latest automation bits. In this video I show the use of an Insteon Garage Door Status and Controller I/O Link module tied into my openHAB instance. I’ve developed some logic that sends announcements throughout my home if it’s after 8pm and the garage door is still open. Once it reaches […]

Home Automation for Geeks

Home automation nowadays comprises much more than just lighting and HVAC. New Internet of Things devices and services are hitting the market constantly. But how to easily integrate them with each other? The open source project openHAB addresses this problem: it connects to a multitude of different systems and comes with powerful automation rules and […]