Raspberry Pi 2 RetroPie Gameconsole [Nintendo64 – Playstation 1]

PlayStation 1 bios file: http://goo.gl/fruQI4
Put the scph7502.bin in /home/pi/RetroPie/BIOS
Bios files for different console’s, like the Gameboy advance etc. http://goo.gl/M8B7VR

My Nintendo roms come from: http://goo.gl/gqv13H
My Playstations roms come from: http://goo.gl/CqmpNl

Retropie website: http://goo.gl/lElxlZ


Raspberry Pi 3: 20 of the highest quality projects you could try with the micro computer

Had a Raspberry Pi 3? Here I will discuss 20 amazing projects to get started on

The Raspberry Pi 3 is among the best beginning points for using code. Whether you’re a first-timer with Python or a technology old hand, this computer is a extremely adjustable machine.

It’s something of an understatement to say that there’s a great deal you can try with the Raspberry Pi 3. After the first Raspberry Pi premiered in the year 2012, individuals have been putting it to work on projects ranging from the practical to the preposterous. Prefer to write your very own game applications? Check out. Need to make an intelligent media centre for your TV? Look. Plan to breathe life into a traditional children’s plaything? Check.

In this case we’ve picked 20 valuable projects to sink your teeth into – ranging from the simple to the tricky. These will also work for those who have a Raspberry Pi 2, even though they might be a a little more complex if you’ve got the original Raspberry Pi or the Raspberry Pi Zero.

The 20 finest Raspberry Pi projects

1. Raspberry Pi projects: Construct an AI assistant
2. Raspberry Pi projects: Write your own game
3. Raspberry Pi projects: Make a wireless extender
4. Raspberry Pi projects: Make a Game Boy
5. Raspberry Pi projects: Home Arcade Box
6. Raspberry Pi projects: Media centre for your TV
7. Raspberry Pi projects: Complete a Kodi streamer
8. Raspberry Pi projects: Create a download hub
9. Raspberry Pi projects: Make a dedicated Minecraft machine
10. Raspberry Pi projects: Create a camera trap
11. Raspberry Pi projects: Make a case
12. Raspberry Pi projects: Take control of your stereo wirelessly
13. Raspberry Pi projects: Establish your individual cloud server
14. Raspberry Pi projects: Create a cellphone
15. Raspberry Pi projects: Make your personal PiRate radio station
16. Raspberry Pi projects: Create a smart beer fridge
17. Raspberry Pi projects: Create a PiCam
18. Raspberry Pi projects: Create a talking toy
19. Raspberry Pi projects: Create a bitcoin mining system
20. Raspberry Pi projects: A teeny arcade cabinet

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