Nin10do tutorial: Build your own 3d printed Raspberry Pi 2 Nintendo game console (part 1)

Raspberry Pi Nintendo tutorial: build your own 3d printed game console (part 1)

Building your own 3d printed custom Nin10do console or want to buy a complete model? – Custom game consoles and accessories – shipping worldwide

Update: Watch part 2 now!

In these tutorial video’s I will explain how to create your own 3d printed gaming console based on the Raspberry Pi 2 and the Retropie project.

Finally the first of the (three part) tutorial series is finished…

In the first part of the Nin10do tutorial video, we will build / test the electronics. After this is done we will test the Nin10do console to build it in the custom XT CO-Polyester case in part 2.

The project contains many fun aspects like: 3d printing, mechanical engineering, electronics, programming and software.

I created this Nin10do console to be able to play all my favorite old-school games in the living room on my plasma tv. It tuned out to be pretty cool and lot’s of magazine’s have published articles covering the project already.

Part 1: Electronics
Before we can mount everything in our cool 3d printed case we need to make all the preparations for the electronics. We will crimp strip and solder a lot of wires! Prepare the ATX Raspi board by Low-Power Lab, strip the USB Hub and solder some power wires onto it. Prepare the two cool LED momentary switches, create a power supply and solder the 4 LED’s into a strip. At the end we will test the complete rig on the table.

Link to the original demo (Dutch):
link to the Raspberry Pi 2 upgrade video (ENG):

Link to the Nin10do Github repository:

Link to Low PowerLab website (ATX Raspi Board):

Link to the ‘plug and play’ Nin10do IMG file

Follow the project on Facebook and Hackaday:

Included are links to all the parts you need: 3d models, artwork / splash screen, Python script and img files.

Note: Part two will be uploaded this week – part three the week after 🙂

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