How To Make Your Own Retro Game Console (with Raspberry Pi 3)

UPDATE: As of 3/29/2017, the Cana Kit price shown in this video has dropped to $69.99 on Amazon

This video will show you the basics on how to make your own retro console for your TV using a Raspberry Pi 3 motherboard and a program called Retropie. This tutorial is done with a Macbook Pro and the process of installing the software may vary on other systems.

Required items:
Raspberry Pi 3 motherboard
Raspberry Pi 3 case
Micro SD Card –
Micro SD Card Reader
Power Adapter for Raspberry Pi 3
USB Gamepad
USB Keyboard
HDMI cable
A laptop (Mac used in video)

Optional items:
Blutooth controller (PS4 is said to work best)
USB Flash Drive (if not transferring games over wifi)

You can purchase the CanaKit bundle shown in the video here:

The USB controller shown in the video can be purchased here:

The links below will direct you to the additional tools to help you get started that’s shown in the video, including the required software and extraction tools:

Below is a link to further tips and tricks…
Retropie Wiki:

Setting up a blutooth PS4 controller:

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