Elephone S8 and Maze Alpha Comparison Video Which Is The Best Bezel Less Phone

Which is the best bezel-less phone Elephone S8 or Maze Alpha? Watch my Elephone S8 and Maze Alpha Comparison Video with in-depth analysis, gaming, camera and battery life and you will know which one is the best affordable bezel-less phone.

Buy Elephone S8 Best Price: https://www.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_708424.html?lkid=11419044
Buy Maze Alpha best price: https://www.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_647665.html?wid=11&lkid=11419053


37 thoughts on “Elephone S8 and Maze Alpha Comparison Video Which Is The Best Bezel Less Phone

  1. SlightlyToasted BlueberrySandwich says:

    Does Anyone who bought the elephone online have any advise on what site to purchase it from and how much did yall pay for it? I will be shipping to Ireland

  2. Muhitul Alam says:

    Dude, you video isn't bad but need to work on your editing, you voice over jumps to you talking from the phone when recording and sometimes you voice over just cuts off.

  3. Noman Stinson says:

    Oh my God!! this guys accent sooo fuc*ing annoying…. nice video but maaaan .. i had to replay so many times to understand what he was saying -_-

  4. Art Dog says:

    Now there have been quite a few complaints about the camera focusing very slow. Any issues there? Also about it not loading low resolution images or pages?

  5. Jatoch Neetoch says:

    Hi, i have some questions about Elephone s8. Is the rear camera laggy? And is the camera pics and vids sharp? Also does it support micro sd? Is it worth it if sell my Moto x style and buy Elephone s8? Thank you very much!

  6. Jay Rands says:

    I REALLY like this elephone s8 but I didn't see u do umidigi s2 pro? Do u have if u do COULD U DO elephone vs. Umi s2 pro?? Ty great videos n EVEN BETTER REVIEWS!! Keep up GREAT WORK BUD!!

  7. Andre Agra says:

    Oi Smarphone Wars, I'm very worried about the battery of the S8 Elephone, it only reaches h3: 51min of connected screen? I'm afraid to buy the S8 on account of the battery. What do you have to say about his battery, is it good or bad? I wanted you to guide me about this because the battery life will be an essential factor for me to make the purchase. I thank you for your attention! Thank you!

  8. Edmundo Andres says:

    Hello i have the maze alpha amazing phone quick responsive but i have a problem, When i go to wireless update it says" my phone has currently the latest update" but im on a Maze_Alpha_A_V05_20170914 but i read somehwere maze released new update V06 how can i update?

  9. Britt Upton says:

    Has anybody found a place that has a screen protector for the Elephone S8? Mine still hasn't shipped from GearBest (like everyone else) but I can't find any screen protectors (or cases) anywhere! 🙁

  10. Mario Bondanza says:

    Be careful guys, this filthy chinese sh.t has spyware embedded into the firmware. If you buy it please check for them. And in case flash a custom rom for safety.

  11. PRUIKKI RACING says:

    Hey i like your videos!
    But i want to say that will you improve your camera/lightning setup? Like soft filter in front of lights"clouds effect" so light is evenly everywhere.

  12. Big Lu says:

    I bought a Maze Alpha, loving it at the moment, it has a nice bright screen. But I can't get 3d holographic wallpapers to work which is annoying.

  13. Bonnie & Clyde Ride says:

    I wish I could find a definitive answer on whether the S8 supports US LTE bands.. I want to order but don't want to get a phone I can't use in the US.

  14. ValeriyVK says:

    Elephone S8 looks much better, it's costs too, but S8 is have a fine LCD, fine battery and CPU. Alpha have tooOOO high bottom part, it looks ver ugly, i don't like it….

  15. MBA 2016 says:

    Haha… Thanks for the video. Maze Alpha is a trash ??
    Gonna buy today the Elephone S8, S8 has beaten Maze Alpha all the way.

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