Corrosão de Placa de Circuito Impresso (PCI/PCB) – Método caseiro

Nesse vídeo estou ensinando em detalhes como produzir uma placa de circuito impresso em casa.
Para quem não tem como deixar seu projeto na protoboard por algum motivo, tem essa opção de deixar seu projeto mais compacto e organizado. Sem contar que fica mais seguro.

Mais detalhes em:

Desculpem a qualidade de áudio e vídeo, mas dá para entender alguma coisa.


Circuit Card Producer in Portugal

ProFactor S.A. is a 25 year old manufacturing company sited in the north region of Portugal near Oporto city. Benefiting from all of the expertise and know-how obtained over the years, from the installed machinery and from the seasoned and engaged personnel of 39 people, our manufacturing plant is efficient at developing, making and offering a wide array of different products: audio and lighting professional equipment, vending machines, interactive board mounting solutions, etcetera. ProFactor S.A. does not only offer its branded products for domestic and overseas markets but also accepts the challenge of developing for other brands in keeping with customer’s requirement. That is to say, we can provide self manufactured products working as OEM and ODM in exclusivity, offering a 100% European product with all of the relevant merits: manufacturing flexibility, short delivery time, flexible MOQ, fast shipping times, partial shipping orders and post-sales support for 100% Made in EU products.

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