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PCB UV exposure box


Ένα φορητό σύστημα εκφώτησης PCB με UV LEDs και πραγματική σάρωση, με ρύθμιση ταχύτητας κεφαλής σάρωσης (1-10cm/min), μεγέθους πλακέτας (1-30cm) και ισχύος φωτεινότητας (5-100%). Δυνατότητα αυτόματης εκτέλεσης προγράμματος ή κατά βούληση εκκίνηση και σταμάτημα. Φτιαγμένο απο έναν παλιό scanner EPSON CX8400 και τα ηλεκτρονικά σε διάτρητη πλακέτα. This is a portable PCB exposure system with […]

pcb uv exposure unit

contains 3 pairs of pc blacklight lamps and a custom timer with lamp compination selection and pre-heating stage for 2 minutes. It uses a pic 16f628 programmed in C and an ready made power supply giving 12V for the lamps and 5V for the microcontroler board. The casing is made out of an old computer […]

VioLED – A UV LED double-sided PCB Exposure Box

This is the prototype of the design of a double-sided PCB exposure box designed by Freyja Yeatman. It was made for the Mechatronics 2 course at Reykjavík University in the spring of 2016. The full-size box has yet to be made but this prototype works for small 50x70mm double-sided circuits. source

Making a led UV exposure box

In this video you can see the process of creating a UV LEDs exposure box, which you can use to make your own printed circuit boards (PCBs). The full process and more info in electronics, robotics and DIY projects in general in my blog: source

DIY PCB exposure UV Box (ATmega8) Schematic, PCB, firmware I used Atmega8 to make timer, to control UV lamps. As sa base i took old HP scanner. There are 4x 8W UV lamps with electronic balasts. Indication: two color LED (right side), 4 digits 7 segment LED indicator (left), buzzer. source

Making the board part 3: UV exposure of PCB

Learn how to do the UV exposure of a PCB: Almost done! Here we are at the third part of creating a PCB board! Here you will see how UV exposure works. For performing this process a photoresist coated copper clad board is needed. The photoresist coated copper clad board has to be cut […]