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OpenHAB Dashing Android Control Tablet

Quick demo of the Dashing UI for OpenHAB I copied from smar on the OpenHAB community forum Tablet is a low-end Amazon Kindle Fire that I grabbed on sale before the holidays, running Cyanogen 12.1 Temporarily attached to the wall using 3M Command Strips Shows integration of lighting, security, weather, and HVAC source […]

Weekend Project: Home Automation with Raspberry Pi and OpenHab

Using the open source software OpenHAB, we’ll be building a Raspberry Pi touchscreen command center that can interface with over 150 different “smart home” products, and provide an interface for control and task scheduling. Read more about this project: Arrow Electronics: Music:… source 4 Open Home Automation Alternative Solutions for OpenHAB The […]

What Works Best With OpenHAB? Hue, Harmony, MQTT, and Z Wave Experiences

In the course of writing the OpenHAB Beginner’s Guide for Raspberry Pi, and a follow up guide covering Z-Wave and advanced topics, I’ve the chance to play with lots of different smart home kit – here’s my experiences. Getting Started with OpenHAB on Raspberry Pi: *************************************************************** What’s MakeUseOf? Technology, simplified. The MakeUseOf blog covers […]

SuperHouseTV #17: Home automation control with Sonoff, Arduino, OpenHAB, and MQTT

The Sonoff from Itead Studio is a fantastic little mains-switching module with a built-in ESP8266 and WiFi. If you want an easy way to control mains devices such as lamps and fans, this could be it! Sonoff modules are preloaded with firmware that allows them to be controlled by a phone app, so they’re very […]

Installing OpenHab Home Automation On Raspberry Pi

This is a basic introduction on how to setup openhab on raspberry pi, i will be doing a quick blinky tutorial and getting everything setup for rpi. thanks for the view! ○○○ Quick Instructions ○○○ wget -qO – ‘’ | sudo apt-key add – echo “deb stable main” | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/openhab.list sudo apt-get […]

openHAB 2 UI-driven Setup

This screencast shows some of the new features of openHAB 2 that simplify the initial setup and configuration of the system. Note that such a setup will be limited in its functionality – to leverage all nifty features of openHAB, you should go for textual configuration! source 4 Open Home Automation Alternative Platforms for OpenHAB […]