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source 4 Open Source Home Automation Substitute Solutions for Open Home Automation Bus The Internet of Things it not just a buzzword, it is a speedily expanding reality. With an ever-increasing number of devices available to make it easier to automate, shield, and monitor your property, it has never been easier nor more tempting to […]

openHAB: Home Automation in Practice – Developer Garden TechTalk #033

Bei openHAB (open Home Automation Bus) handelt es sich um ein Open Source-Projekt, das unterschiedliche Home-Automation-Systeme integriert. openHAB zielt darauf ab, systemübergreifend eine einheitliche Benutzeroberfläche, transparente Kommunikation zwischen den einzelnen Geräten sowie leistungsstarke Automatisierungsfähigkeiten bereitzustellen. openHAB basiert auf OSGi und verfügt über eine modulare Architektur, sodass es einfach erweitert bzw. angepasst werden kann. Dieser Vortrag […]

OpenSprinkler Pi controlled via OpenHAB

A video showing an OpenSprinkler Pi (connected to a Raspberry Pi) being controlled via OpenHAB (which is an open source home automation system), which itself is running on the Raspberry Pi device. source 4 Open House Automation Substitute Tools for Open Home Automation Bus The Internet of Things is not only a buzzword, it’s a […]

Doorbell home automation (XBMC + OpenHAB)

If I’m watching TV and someone rings on my door, XBMC immediately pauses and shows a live camera view from my front door. I also receive a camera snapshot on my phone (through E-Mail). You can find some info about my setup here: source 4 Open Home Automation Alternative Solutions for OpenHAB The Internet […]

IoT Arduino with OpenHab

More and more new cool devices and technologies arrive at our homes every day. But though they are all aimed at enhancing our lifestyle they all lack one important feature: a common language they could speak to each other to create a really automated and smart environment at home. The main goal of openHAB is […]

Smart Home mit openHAB 2 Demo – Anwesenheit und Abwesenheit mit Amazon Dash Button

In diesem Video möchte ich dir die Anwesenheit und Abwesenheit Funktion meines Smart Homes vorstellen. Ich verwenden als Software openHAB 2 und nutze den Amazon Dash Button um mich im System an- und abwesend zu melden. Dadurch lassen sich bestimmte Abläufe automatisieren. Anwesend: Licht, Stromquellen, Heizung geht an und ich werde mit meiner Lieblingsmusik begrüßt […]

OpenHAB/MQTT controlled WS2812B RGB Lights – Cat test

WS2812B strip connected to a NodeMCU (ESP8266). OpenHAB sends commands via MQTT to activate preloaded animations and colours. Cat is a Somali. source 4 Open Home Automation Alternate Solutions for OpenHAB The Internet of Things is not merely a buzzword, it’s really a quickly rising reality. With an ever-rising volume of devices on the market […]

Integrate Xiaomi Miflora with OpenHAB and Node-Red

This video explains the basics of the Xiaomi Miflora soil moisture sensor and how to integrate it with OpenHAB and Node-Red. Steps for OpenHAB explained in the OpenHAB Community. This contains the python code and other setup details: Node Red script can be found here: source 4 Open House Automation Substitute Tools for […]

Curtain Automation with Somfy , OpenHAB, Smartthings and Amazon Echo

This is the overview for automating our curtains with a Somfy Glydea 60E rail, the Somfy URTSI II, OpenHAB, Samsung Smartthings and the Amazon Echo. You can find the detail videos at: – Programming the motor and setting up remotes: – Setting up the Somfy inteface with OpenHAB – Integration with SmartThings and Amazon Echo […]

openHAB+IFTTT demo

Configuring IFTTT triggers with openHAB is easy! source 4 Open Source House Automation Substitute Tools for OpenHAB The Internet of Things is not only a buzzword, it’s actually a speedily expanding reality. With an ever-expanding amount of devices open to help you automate, guard, and monitor your own home, it has never been simpler nor […]