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High TG Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Facility Based in Asia

1.Separate pre-scored PCB assembly without stress on either PCB or component 2.One touch programming of cut length with digital display 3.Separating speed is adjusted by a rotary knob ●Handle Intermittent scoring or cut-outs ●Board with projected component can be cut precisely 4.Large stainless steel platform on both side of cutting lade prevents board wobble and […]

openHAB 2.0 Preview

This screencasts shows the openHAB 2.0 alpha1 runtime release and demonstrates how to use the Classic UI without the need of any configuration. source 4 Open Home Automation Substitute Tools for Open Home Automation Bus The Internet of Things isn’t only a buzzword, it’s really a speedily expanding fact. With an ever-rising variety of devices […]

Controlling OpenHAB with the Amazon Echo

Find out how to do this at source 4 Open House Automation Alternate Solutions for Open Home Automation Bus The Internet of Things isn’t necessarily a buzzword, it’s really a speedily increasing reality. With an ever-rising amount of devices open to make it easier to automate, safeguard, and monitor your home, it has never […]

Home Automation on a Raspberry Pi with OpenHAB (and Arduino Sensors)

OpenHAB is the ultimate home automation system that runs on a variety of platforms including the Raspberry Pi. Don’t put up with all those incompatible and disparate single use app: control ALL THE THINGS from OpenHAB. Read our free beginner’s guide to getting up and running with OpenHAB on Raspberry Pi here: *************************************************************** What’s […]

Solar Energy PCB Board Company Situated in Asia

We design and manufacture Odd Form component auto insertion machine,SMT equipment, and providing spare parts service. Worldwide Installation and on site support and training. 1,Please visit :   2, Find us more:   3, Know more our team:   4, Welcome to our factory in Shenzhen China   5, Google:Auto+Insertion   6, Looking forward to your email: [email protected] We design and manufacture SMT equipment in Shenzhen China; 1, LED SMT solutions : one full line (1.2m printer + 20k CPH LED mounter + 6 zone oven) price lower at usd 50K. 2, Odd form insertion machine: 3, Pneumatic stencil cleaner: —No need electronic […]

Smart Home mit openHAB

Generell lässt sich konstatieren, dass die Entwicklungen im Bereich Internet der Dinge das Smart Home bereits revolutioniert haben, bevor es selbst schon eine massenhafte Verbreitung gefunden hätte. Jeden Tag kommen neue IoT-Gadgets auf den Markt, an denen wir häufig nicht vorbeigehen können. Aber die gegenwärtigen Entwicklungen sind aus Sicht der SmartHome-Integration völlig unbefriedigend: Jedes “Ding” […]

Control RF Devices from OpenHAB or Home Assistant

Full guide here: ************************************************************** What’s MakeUseOf? Technology, simplified. The MakeUseOf blog covers all types of technology, including advice for all the popular operating systems and gadgets on the market, and tips for your browsing, social media and gaming habits. We’re also keen to help you personally make more of your time using technology, so […]

OpenHAB Dashing Android Control Tablet

Quick demo of the Dashing UI for OpenHAB I copied from smar on the OpenHAB community forum Tablet is a low-end Amazon Kindle Fire that I grabbed on sale before the holidays, running Cyanogen 12.1 Temporarily attached to the wall using 3M Command Strips Shows integration of lighting, security, weather, and HVAC source […]

GPS Circuit Card Manufacturer Headquartered in Asia

We design and manufacture auto insertion machines and SMT equipment, and provide spare parts support . We provide total solutions for LED lighting and SMT PCB assembly. We offer worldwide Installation and on site support and factory (machine and lighting assembly) training. 1. Visit our site! : 2. Connect with us: 3. Get […]

Weekend Project: Home Automation with Raspberry Pi and OpenHab

Using the open source software OpenHAB, we’ll be building a Raspberry Pi touchscreen command center that can interface with over 150 different “smart home” products, and provide an interface for control and task scheduling. Read more about this project: Arrow Electronics: Music:… source 4 Open Home Automation Alternative Solutions for OpenHAB The […]