Chinese Contract Maker List for Your PCB Manufacture Specifications

Chinese Contract Maker List for Your PCB Manufacture Specifications


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JA Electronics Co. Limited is actually one of the leading electronic manufacturer service (EMS) businesses of PCB assemblies above a decade. We are already involved with designing double-sided, multi-layer rigid, flexible and aluminum PCBs.

Our foremost ambition is to give you the top quality, competing price , fastest turnaround time and perfect service. A Number of printed circuit board manufacturing services are around to match your most vital necessity,and reproduce it through your sample. We supply manufacturing services to several types of industries including Aerospace, Medical-related, Motor vehicle, Telecommunications, Pcs, Audio, Video devices and more.

From quotations to shipping and delivery, our PCB services are fast, economical and focused on total customer happiness. The different types of fabrication include things like single-sided circuit board to a maximum of 20 Layers, lead-free finishes to High TG exotic materials.

The final assembling techniques and fabrication procedures all are considered in the beginning and so our jobs are highly effective in supplying a quality-based product every occasion. With an goal in mind to meet the needs of customers and set up everlasting interaction, we’ve proven our credibility and progressed together with our whole clients in recent years.

In addition to the specifications specified by our buyers, the products made by JA Electronics Co.,Limited meet the requirements of the Underwriters Laboratory and the IPC. Final inspection of the product is based on the client’s specifications -100% inspection. To find out more, just simply check out our website You can also visit our plant.


Connect with Us

Looking for PCB assemblage services? JA Electronics is a professional turnkey PCB assembling manufacturer located in China. We’re invested in supplying the optimal customer care in the Electronics Manufacturing Service field . We would love to resolve all your inquiries and we would love to deal with all of your issues . Whenever you got any questions or remarks, feel free to speak with us . we’ll answer back in 1 working day. For swifter help , phone us with one of the contact numbers below within the business hours.


China Shenzhen Manufacturing plant
Addr:3F Fourth Building, Anda Industry Park , FuYong Street, Bao’an District , Shenzhen , Guangdong , China.
Telephone Number:+0755 61529682
Mobile Number:+86-135-3079-2421 (Mr.Bright Yu)

China Shenzhen Operating Workplace
Address: # 7, Times Center, # 1 Gushu Road, Xixiang Street, Shenzhen , Guangdong Province,China.Telphone:+86-755-61529692 61529682


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