China Circuit Card Manufacturers Powering White Labelling

China Circuit Card Manufacturers Powering White Labelling


GoldPhoenix PCB Co.,Ltd

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GoldPhoenix PCB Co.,Ltd. is a primary manufacturer in China PCB Fab industry. It is a side branch of Gold Phoenix Tech. Located next to the Wuhan DongHui Industry Area, our Circuit Card facility was set up in 2000. GoldPhoenix PCB specializes in Flex Circuit Board & Rigid PCB prototyping, Circuit Card manufacturing, and PCB Board assembling, and also stencil. The firm utilizes high tech PCB Fab hardware for processing close-tolerance Pcb boards upto 24 layers. We’re very pleased to offer copper thickness up to 6 ounces, hidden or blind vias, high frequency, aluminum-based as well as specified Circuit Cards. All our Circuit Cards are compliant with UL , GB4588.2, GB4588.4 and IPC-600E standards. Tip: GB is short for China National Standard Committee

In addition to our Circuit Board production, furthermore we obtained a PCB Board Assy line to further expand our business to comprise of PCB Assembling service. The SMT Assembling and PTH Assy service we present has got positive reviews from our international clients attempting to find lower priced Circuit Card Assembling choice. Comparable to our PCB Board manufacture, our PCB Assemblage service are delivered punctually and of high standard.

Gold Phoenix hires over 200 highly trained staff and provides the very best quality products. The mission of our professional technical engineers and outstanding internet marketing team is to meet our customers’ requires, supply remarkably specialized service as well as product standard. Our name is unequalled for offering competitive pricing, punctual shipping & delivery and quality one-stop service. Besides, we also promise that our shoppers’ intellectual property and privateness will be secured.
We’re completely different from a lot of the Circuit Board houses in China in a few ways. We specialise in quick turn-around PCB Board manufacturing. We can complete one 2 layers smallsmall-scale production order in 8 hours, 4 layers within 48 hrs. The primary differences among us and PCB houses in United States and PCB Board houses in China are that:

1. We offer quick turnaround service for production orders.
2. We provide fast turnaround for Circuit Card Assemblage.

We get our very own Circuit Card Mfg line and SMT line under one roof, and we don’t contract out your orders.


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China Head offices
Address: LUOYU Rd #889, The Optical Valley International Plaza #A ROOM 2503
Hongshan District,Wuhan City, HuBei Province 430074

Canada Business office
Address:710 Dorval Drive Suite 200, Oakville, Canada, L6K 3V7
Telephone number:1-888-PCB-9518(1-888-722-9518)EST:9:00AM-4:00PM

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